Flower Scout is a full-service floral design studio + two organically-managed gardens, located in the historic city of Troy, in upstate New York. The majority of the flowers we use come seasonally from local farms, secret woodland forage spots, and from the gardens, which supply bouquets for a 25-member summer CSA and special orders. 

Colie Collen, founder, farmer, and designer at Flower Scout, brings her love of all things wild and seasonal to her work. After many years farming on the West and East coasts, her interest turned to flower production in 2012, and subsequently to design. She seeks to create individual experiences for clients, based on the colors, textures, and shapes the land/garden/season is creating at this particular moment, with customers' aesthetic preferences continually in mind.  

Flowers, like most things, are a deep library. We're learning new things about them all the time. If you're interested in booking Flower Scout for a special event, or you just have a question, do not hesitate to email us via the form below.


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