I'm in charge, for this week at least.

For a CSA whose membership crests around 260 members (approximately 1,000 mouths), the distribution area is a marketplace-without-money, a bustling community center full of the farm's major outputs. For me, those outputs necessarily include our floral friends, and so when it's finally my turn to manage distribution for the week, I make sure to tuck some bouquets into various corners of the barn amongst the squash and greens.

The above vase was left behind by a member last week: It's a gorgeous cone-shape made of thick glass, with a small spout on one side, and is molded to include the words "URINE SPECIMEN BOTTLE" on one side and liquid measurement lines on the other. If it isn't claimed in the next few days, you're likely to see much more of what is now officially my new favorite flower-holder.