Antidote / Update

My good friend Kayta made this for me today, while I was feeling rather pouty and glum.

You see, there aren't any flowers right now. Or, to be more accurate, there are some wild white yarrow stems by the roadside, some red clover hanging onto the field edges, and the chickweed bear some tiny white stars, but really. We pulled the gomphrena out today, and gomphrena are the toughest of the tough.

What we do have, in droves and windrows and scratchy little piles, are fallen leaves. From a variety of trees, in a variety of colors. And Kayta, genius creative inventor, courageous prairie stateswoman (that is a George McGovern reference, may he rest in peace), took some leaves from our birch and big-toothed aspen trees and put together this perfect mood-saver today. 

So though you won't see many lush bouquets from Flower Scout in the next few months, you will see some found and given objects, some creative projects, updates on the development of the Flower Scout CSA project, and other sundry things yet-to-be. Thank you for checking in! Thank you for your implicit enthusiasm! (I'm assuming you're enthusiastic.) Hello! Hello!!