Multiflora Rosehips

The Multiflora Rose is an invasive vine in these parts, one we battle against with large loppers, thick gloves, and hungry goats. I'm pretty sure it was the inspiration for the thorned vine in Sleeping Beauty, which you may recall is littered about with the bones of those who've tried crossing it. 

(not the hottest, Prince Philip)

In June, the vines that had pricked and grabbed at me all spring suddenly burst into cascades of flower. 

And then later (as these things go) they matured into some hips. 

I caught them on a walk through the woods the other day, and marveled again at how much has changed in the seven months that I've been farming at Caretaker. We're in the season's final stretch now, which will surely wrap right around to next season's beginning.

Aren't these some beautiful hips?