Scout & About

This is my beautiful housemate Tonya.

This is her beautiful suitcase. 

Tonya is a teacher, a hugger, a maker-of-soap, a singer, a clothes horse, and a preeminent flower scout. We're going to keep bees, grow berries, and deck our home with plants of infinite variety. Beginning right here:

Yesterday morning, Tonya thrust a little dead ball of dried leaves into a bowl and said, "Take this. Give it some water." So I did. Then she said, "Don't give it too much. Its needs are few." So I turned off the tap, took it into my room, and set it on a crate under the window. Ten minutes later, I turned absent-mindedly toward it and found the above--a fractal wonderland of uncurling bliss-krieg! I couldn't believe my eyes! This, dear friends, is the famed Resurrection Plant.

It's immensely inspiring, for all sorts of reasons. But beyond that, it's beautiful.

(Don't worry, I promise not to let that dinosaur eat it. But only if you listen to this song, Resurrection Fern, by the indomitable flower scout Sam Beam.)