The Annual Start-Overing

It's a new year, evidently. And the fourth day, already, of this new year! And it's COLD! But it's sunny and snow-bright here in lovely 2013.

But before we get too deep into January, before we throw aside the goals and tribulations of 2012, before we dive head-first into our new and brighter selves on this side of the countdown and throw away our old calendars, I want to pay homage to the maker of my 2011 and 2012 day-keepers, Mr. Henry Evans. 

Evans, on a beautiful October day at Caretaker Farm

Because he lived in California, Henry Evans focused many of his illustrations on poppies and eucalyptus, but my favorite of his works are of weeds and grasses, like the milkweed below.

...and this nasturtium 
(pay no mind to the reflection of my lazy little head)...

I haven't picked a 2013 calendar yet, and I don't know if I will. Instead, I might carry something in from the great outdoors every month and stare at it rather than some vague representation of a generic every-January; to make instead a natural history of my own year in this magical place called Troy. If I manage to make it happen, you'll be the first ones to know.

Happy new year, with all love, all best intentions, and all perennial excitement,
yrs truly