I've never celebrated Valentine's Day,

not with the fervor, the adrenaline, the numerous sounds of delight, the armfuls of floral scent, or with as plentiful a feeling of community love as I experienced yesterday. Thank you to everyone who helped, checked-in, ordered, received, and smiled as I walked past. Thank you to the stoops and porches that held bouquets for those who weren't at home. Thanks to the stars and the moon for agreeing to align. Here's some evidence:

These bouquets included:
  •  Local boxwood, grown near Averill Park
  • Clove-scented stock from California
  • White snapdragons from Ontario, Canada
  • Californian ranunculus--some red, some maroon, some yellow or orange
  • White irises with yellow centers, from South Carolina
  • and piney sprigs of pink Californian waxflowers

If this list inspires you, let me know. There are still a few smaller bouquets available for pick-up. Contact me at flowerscoutfarm@gmail.com.

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