Scout & About

This is my friend Rebecca, with one of her begonias. 

Rebecca is a mom, a poet and novelist, a doula-in-training, a publisher, a resident of the beautiful town of Hudson, and was my first new friend in Albany when I moved back here, 5 short years ago. She loves cats and rabbits, jeans with low waists, and very milky tea.

Her begonias flourish and bloom profusely, even in the dead of winter, in fleshy tones of pink and peach. I spent a recent afternoon relishing their colors, as R's son Asher performed complex times-tables and Lego maneuvers on the carpet nearby, and the bunnies chewed willow twigs in their magical cardboard jungle.

If you're in need of a compassionate and fierce doula to usher you or a loved one through pregnancy, delivery, and life afterward, email Rebecca at

. . . and if you're not with child, but sometimes find yourself pregnant with language, find Rebecca and Fence Books at the New School in NYC tomorrow night for a fantastic poetry reading! I mean really fantastic.