Valentine's Day is a farce, but LOVE IS NOT.

Are you a maker of grand gestures?

Do you have difficulty making the appropriate grand gesture?

Or is this the year you start trying to gesture, after perhaps flailing wildly in a gesture-less state all these years? 

Flower Scout is here to help you stay subtle and avoid awkwardness, insofar as possible.

This Valentine's Day (which is Thursday, February 14th), get a handmade floral bouquet for your darling or darlings for only $10. Include the message of your choice, hand-written by yrs truly. Bouquets will include a variety of responsibly-grown flowers, with accompanying information about the types of bloom and location of origin.

Delivery to yourself or your loves is available for a small fee, or you can pick up directly from me, at CAC Woodside in Troy, on Valentine's Day morn.


Handmade Floral Arrangement: $10
Delivery Fee: $5-10

DO NOT buy Price Chopper flowers for your beau.

If you're interested, and I hope you are, then let me know: Call or text me at 518.258.6507, email me at, or knock on my door before the morning of Wednesday the 13th.

[Added Note: If you can get at least two other people in your office/on your street to order a bouquet, you can split the cost of delivery! Spread the word.]