Birthday flowers

I made a surprise bouquet for a friend-of-a-friend today, and felt very springy in the making. It included pale pink tulips, jasmine vine, and plumosus, a thorny velvety fern.

I tucked some brunia in for a second, too. Though their color was perfect, their shape didn't fit at all. (I'm trying to learn this stuff, with help from this book and this one.)

Tulip stems elongate in water, even after they've been cut, which lends them that characteristically droopy look. I struggled for a bit trying to straighten them up, but eventually we all succumbed to the wild frilly movement this bouquet seemed to demand. I'm pretty happy about it.

If you think flowers may be the perfect gift for an upcoming birthday or other event, be in touch: email me at, give me at least a few days notice, and we'll make it happen.