Some Bulb or Other Grows in Brooklyn

Last weekend, I visited my smart and generous friend Lina in Brooklyn. My stated purpose: Scope flower shops. Scope, scope, scope.

And the weather complied, so I spent two sunny days bouncing between the dots called up by google maps each time I searched for "flowers." Staring at my phone-map, sipping on good coffee, checking out the nearby outfits, and generally being absorptive: The weekend was a success. Some good hard yoga, some high-concept faux-commune dining, the birds in Bed-Stuy singing, Lina's sprouting avocado pits and lemon seeds, and many hypnotic vibrating train rides later, I have a new appreciation for city living. And a stockpile of photos, some of which are below.

Something is growing, by golly, something is coming out of the ground

A magazine I did not buy, and an apple harvest I would have jumped up & down to have seen last fall, when apples were few.

 Forsythia at the MoMA


Terrarii abundant in the flower shops of Brooklyn

plum blossoms
things are more expensive in the city