Getting Real, Part II

You may have noticed, by now, that it seems to be becoming spring for good. The ground is soft; it smells like green, powerfully; birds are singing in the early morning; impossible growth is everywhere.

So it's time to begin! To formally announce the birth of the FLOWER SCOUT CSA

(Henceforward, Flower Scout will conduct the majority of its business in the form of this CSA, which will organize the mind and ease the anxiety of its proprietor.)

IT'LL FUNCTION AS FOLLOWS: As a CSA member, you can sign up for a full share (one $20 bouquet every week, for the value price of $65 per month) or a half share (one $20 bouquet every other week, for $40 per month) and pick it up during a designated pick-up time, at various locations TBD, or have it dropped off at your home or work, with an added delivery fee.

The locations/times of pick-up and the cost of delivery will depend on participation and what works best for CSA members.

  1. Many, many locally-and-organically-grown flowers and herbs, in the form of careful, intentional arrangements. 
  2. Participation in a club of cool kids (a.k.a. invitations to parties in the F.S. garden). 
  3. The first chance at purchasing cheap n' lovely seedlings, if I produce too many for my space. 
  4. A subscription to a weekly Scouting Newsletter.
  5. A Scout Badge of Honor
  6. And other things I'll think of as we go! Wreaths, hairpieces, dreamcatchers, probably a bug or two along the way, and my everlasting appreciation.

Flower Scout is now accepting CSA members for the month of May. Spots are limited. Please email to reserve yours.

(If you're not ready to drink the floral kool-aid just yet, don't worry--you'll have another chance in June. And July. And August, and probably September too.)

Thanks to all of you who've ordered bouquets during the last few months! I can't tell you how much I've appreciated your support.