Mars! I forgot Mars! I can't believe it. But those of you stationed in the greater Northeast will know that the end of March slid right into April with all the differentiation of one teeth-falling-out dream becoming a naked-in-the-classroom dream, made even more uncomfortable by mildly irritating snow cover. Goodbye, Mars! I'm ready for flying dreams now.

A week ago these crocuses (croci?) and miniature irises came up just near my kitchen door, and brought some serious purple into the house for a few days.

And in the world of the less-seasonally-appropriate, my flower distributor suddenly had anemones on Monday! Anemones are one of my real favorites, with velvet petals and deeeeeeep colors that fade like ombre within the petal itself.

 So alright, March, goodbye. 

Today is a planting day!