Let's just skip Mai, ok?

I didn't do anything during the month of May, or I did everything. It seems like too much to post about, and so I haven't. But if you're a F.S. member, or if you interact with F.S. at all in the physical world (off the interwebs) you probably know that I've been cranking out bouquets and dance moves on the regular.

The month of May brought peonies, by the bucketful, and a host of flowering weeds. Also rolling through were the bearded heads of irises, in all their subtle hues and dramatic complexity and ephemeral quick-fade. We had bright orange poppies, one week, with papery petals. And now, in early June, roses have begun to bust out so quickly I can barely keep tabs on which sidewalk-overspilling bushes are still in bud and which are too open to cut.

And it RAINED.

I know I'm not the only tiny farmer or flower peddler without adequate time for writing. Still and the same, I hope to get better about it STARTING RIGHT NOW. (Now I know this blog is real, right? Every silly blogger apologizes to their ghostly audience after every period of radio silence.)

What I want to start today, though, is a compendium of some of the things that are inspiring me out there on the Innertubes. Here's begins the list: click it!

Sarah Ryhanen designs arrangements like a Dutch Master (the painter, not the smoking tool) and emphasizes the natural freakiness of every object she works with. Her bouquets are necessarily off-kilter, leaning, splayed out, spilling over. They trail down the sides of tables and drop petals, just like I like it. And she's farming, too, at World's End, a place I desperately want to visit, and have a feeling I'll never want to leave once I do. They'll have to drag me outta there. Sarah writes a lot about being busy, about reality versus vision, about successes despite anxieties, and about how far she's come with her business. I lean on her blog and am hungry for it; whenever she posts, it's like a little window into what I could someday be up to. Plus her photos are unbelievable.


. . . more dreamboaty flowerstuffs to come . . .