Stopping things

Over a year ago, I stopped working on a blog I had been keeping for awhile.

I'm gonna start it again; I'm reading a ton these days and feeling pretty deep in the language-stuff.

But it's a trade-off (and not a one-to-one one). I'm going to say buenos noches, for now, to the Flower Scout CSA. Instead of making a dozen or more bouquets each week, I'll be making just a few, for my home and friends and for my mind, and tending to my garden a bit more.

I've felt immensely supported by those of you who've had shares over the past three months. I can't thank you enough for being psyched on the project. You made it real! It exists in the actual world and will return next summer, if fate doesn't conspire against us.

I'm still here for you if you need a bouquet for a dinner party, a gift, or for any other sweet reason. Send me an email at and give me just a few days' notice, message me on Facebook, or text or call 518.258.6507 to get at me.

Hearts hearts hearts,