Innertube Inspiration, vol. 3*

. . . in which I cast my envy about as though it were admiration.

Just yesterday, Taylor Patterson of Fox Fodder Farm wrote that she would be turning 30 today. When I read it, I had that amazing and particularly female (I think) response of feeling simultaneously thrilled (she could be my friend! We are almost the exact same age!) and fang-ed, like how the hell has she done all the things it seems she's done before the age of 30? I feel like a slug. I want the people I admire to be aeons older than me, plz.

She does floral styling for fashion shows and weddings, collaborates with designers and pop-up-shoppers and all that Brooklyn goodness, and has a family farm in Delaware of the same ingenious + adorable name. Where my Valentine's Day bouquets were $10, ( I CAN'T BELIEVE I ONLY CHARGED TEN DOLLARS IT WAS SO MUCH WORK O MY GOODNESS ) hers came in $100 or $200 versions ( DO NOT WORRY I WOULD NEVER CHARGE THAT MUCH FOR ANYTHING EVER ).

But of course I think she's incredibly talented. Just look at this hanging Scandinavian-seeming citrus tree in a ball of moss. Just look at this giant anemone bouquet and fresh pressed juice. She's not afraid of using dead plant matter or feathers or inventive ceramics or really kinda ugly carnations. So I hope I'm as cool on my 30th birthday, which is not so far away.

*check Volumes 1 & 2 via the click.