My succulent bolted

and it looked absolutely insane while it was happening. This took place over the course of the last three months or so, and was caused, I think, by too much water during a rainy early August/late July.

The other day, I noticed that the antennae it had slowly but inexorably cast upward were beginning to show some bright pink buds. Then they began opening into actual jewel-like tulip-esque blossoms, and I couldn't resist chopping them off to put in vases. (I was also worried that they were sounding the death-knoll of my Echeveria, and so I chopped them to preserve its will to live. We'll see what happens.)

Here's the beautiful plant, sans its long vertical legs:

I also removed most of the leaves on the stems, as they formed, because I read that they contained more growth hormone and would be easier to propagate. That photo in the last post is of these leaves, with their little root hairs showing hot pink. Colors! Surprising! I've planted each of them and will have some baby Echevaria to give away/sell in ... I actually don't know how long. Stay tuned.