The Time Change

Tomorrow I'll go to my garden for the first time since this week's frost, to bear witness to the dissolved protoplasm my flowers have surely become. But just a few nights ago, looking out toward the river, the whole world seemed filled with improbably resilient cosmos and velvet-stemmed tithonia. 

It's a sea-change kinda time. I left a very sturdy houseplant outside and its cells froze and gelatinized overnight. Though today was warm and lovely, I can hear the heater kick on again and again. For me, that means it's time to drink whiskey and eat chocolate and start stockpiling books.

I put this together for my friends at The Grocery, in celebration of their grand opening on Tuesday. It's a beautiful new shop, full of tiny delicious necessities and completely unnecessary nearly-necessities. Flower Scout arrangements will be there on the semi-regular throughout the winter months, should you need some tabletop love.