it's a snowday kind of pun


1. Get snowed in with a bunch of wreath-making materials, some caffeine, and a stereo.

2. Clear off your kitchen table.

3. Play something by Laurel Halo. Like this, or this, or this.

4. Make a loop of thick wire. Use thinner wire (green if you have it) to bind handfuls of plant material to the loop. Think of each handful as its own small bouquet, and try not to get frustrated when you seem not to have enough hands.

5. Keep going. Dance around when you're in need of inspiration. Sip a warm beverage. Take it slow.

6. When all is said and done, make someone hold that mother up for you and admire it thoroughly. Then attach three strands of yarn or string to the back and hang it above your head. You've just made a laurel halo while listening to Laurel Halo. Good work, my friends!!