VDay Deetz

Okay, here we go:

In collaboration with the ladies behind Underground Alchemy, Forage Restoratives, The Little Ragamuffin, and the graphic designer Caroline Corrigan, Flower Scout is so psyched to present this February's greatest gift idea: The Full Moon Valentine.

I'm not going to tell you what will be inside each Full Moon Valentine bundle, because perhaps you want to receive one, in which case you should copy & paste the address for this post into an email, or that little "What's on your mind?" box on Facebook, or just leave your computer on the kitchen table, with a hand-drawn arrow-pierced heart pointing to this screen.

But if you want to give a Full Moon Valentine, please email me at flowerscoutfarm@gmail.com. We're only making 25 of them, and each is only $30 (a tremendous bargain, once you find out what's inside).

A hint: Each bundle will contain a contribution from each collaborator, plus some bonus treats. All of the proprietors featured are local makers, living in Troy, Albany, or Altamont, NY, and all of us create with an eye for the natural world, health, beauty and good design. You're gonna like it.

Here's some more info about each of the collaborators in our little lovely team:

Underground Alchemy is a small scale herbal apothecary in the City of Albany. We grow medicinal herbs and handcraft herbal products for sale through a CSA, Farmer's Market and local stores.
Tara Quackenbush knew she wanted to pursue her interest in restoring the connection between plants and people through collective participation for the health of living systems while earning
a master's degree in Environmental Science, or more specifically in the discipline of Environmental Communication. Drawn to the magic contained within medicinal herbs, she continues to share her love and appreciation of these plant allies with others.

Jen O’Connor is the founder and owner of the small business The Little Ragamuffin where she sells her handcrafted soaps, housewares, and organic heirloom seeds grown on the 5.5 acres of land known as The Kirk Estate, in Altamont, NY. In addition, Jen is a musician, songwriter, and producer in the band The Parlor.

Caroline Corrigan is an Albany-based freelance graphic designer. Her work pulls inspiration from mid-century typography and Scandinavian design, using patterns, bold hand-drawn elements, and plenty of white space. Her old-fashioned snail mail greeting cards are printed on a Risograph at Troy Cloth & Paper on Speckletone cover stock from French Paper Company.


(don't wait.)