Not to be forgotten, the branchy, voluminous, shades-of-greeny parts of bouquets are often the ones that give it the most attitude. You know what they say: Half of soil is space, three-quarters of the earth is ocean, and only 10% of the human body is actually human. Creepy, but also informative.

And so in that way, the majority of a (good) bouquet (I think) is made up of the unnoticed space-giving background elements.

There was a great post on the Floret blog yesterday about fillers. Erin at Floret has been getting really technical lately, which is a godsend to me. And so with my notes from the NOFA conference and this handy blogpost, I just went to Johnny's website and ordered a whole bunch of seeds.


Look forward to these spiky, leafy, branching, fern-like, fluffy, and windblown shapes showing up in bouquets in T-minus ??? months. It's something to look forward to, anyway.