Guide to Dating Gangsters, Vol. 2

Last year I lived at an artists' residency in Troy, NY, and shared a bathroom with some of the most fascinating, funny, hard-working, late-sleeping, dance-partying people I've ever met. One of them, one of the best of them, is Julia Arredondo. She caused a stir when she painted on a piece of artwork no one had ever paid attention to (and made it better) and she caused a spaced-out tizzy when she DJ-ed a show in our basement. (Look her up: MCMayanTemples.) Roller skating, spray painting, dreaming of her south TX home while freezing in the drafty church hall, Julia made amazing work while she was in Troy. And I miss her a bunch.

So when she wrote to ask for some friendly sponsorship of her next zine project, Guide to Dating Gangsters Vol. 2, and said she'd design an ad for Flower Scout to put in there, I was pretty stoked. 

See the 1st Guide to Dating Gangsters above, and the FS ad below. I'm really excited about collaboration right now, and am cooking up some really good ideas. If you want to connect/partner/share/play, get at me!