Get up, turn on plant lights. Make coffee. Stare at plants; thin as needed, drinking coffee. Water.

Go to work. Think about plants.

Come home. Stare at plants. Make notes. (Has any new green emerged? What's not growing? Why isn't it growing?) Think about the benefits of talking to plants. Find tongue tied; hum genially at plants.

Hang out. Update friends on plants' status. Turn off plant light. Go to bed.


A lot of these February babies are getting their true leaves, now. The first adorable leaflets, called cotyledons, are beginning to yellow and fade. But every variety is different, and there are 26 varieties of flowers growing slowly under fluorescence here.

In truth, a few of them aren't going anywhere. They'll be beautiful phantoms I'll have to imagine, like Black Knight delphiniums and Early Grey larkspur. Sigh. But others are so plentiful I'll never be able to grow them all.

Goldfinger tithonia. Las Vegas gomphrena. Only the Lonely nicotiana. Empress of India nasturtium. Psyche White cosmos. Tiger's Eye sunflower. Goooood names. 

Sweet peas at attention. Future groundhog food, if I'm not careful. 

As a result of the current glut, knock-on-wood (in cosmos, zinnias, celosia, amaranth, and more), I'll be hosting a tiny seedling sale at some point in the next month. Maybe on my stoop. Do you want a six-pack of Troy-grown flower babies? They've been lovingly hummed at! If so, stay tuned.