My mom is amazing. She's an expert quilter, a grower of gardens, a marathon runner, and recently a PhD. She paints rooms on a whim. She's owned the same sweatshirt, a sweatshirt I've tried to steal about a hundred times, for over twenty years.

(not the sweatshirt)

She made my dresses when I was a kid, and offered to make another just the other day. She's listened to my Flower Scout worries and jumped in with scissors and advice, even when I was like PLEASE MOM LET ME DO IT MYSELF. Because I am a stubborn jerk.

We've always gotten my mom a tree or bush for Mothers' Day: a flowering cherry, a magnolia, a Japanese maple, etc. Flowers and plants are a good thing for moms. Guaranteed success.

(My mom is also a procrastinator, a trait I not only inherited but somehow magnified. Hence the last minute-ness of this post.)

AND SO: I have a bunch of extra seedlings, over at the Flower Scout homestead. These plants have been lovingly cared for, as you may have read about in previous posts. And they're selling for the low low price of:

$5 a six-pack, if your momma's got a garden to stick 'em in, or

  or $20 a pre-arranged pot, for fire escape container gardens, staircases, windowboxes, etc.

Available varieties include two kinds of cosmos, zinnias, Thai basil, marigolds, nigella, and others.

Each will be followed up by an informational email, telling you & yr mom all about the variety you've chosen.

WIN SOME MOM POINTS! Email me today/tomorrow, and we'll work something out for you.