Important Ladies

Sometimes my appreciation of certain people is like a deep deep string inside me, like a grounding note that doesn't get struck very often. It makes my eyelashes vibrate when it does.

This interview with Sarah Ryhanen, my friend and idol, and Erin Benzakein, who's doing all kinds of good things for people like me, just made my eyelashes straight up shake.

obvious or subversive?

Sarah says, "We all know this…our job is to work in both obvious and subversive ways to spread these ideas around so that people start placing paying more attention to flowers and start seeking out local stems. Everyone should have flowers in their homes everyday. Flowers need to come out of the ‘special occasion’ closet. Flowers make people feel good. This is what it is to be human, to admire beauty, to indulge in the unnecessary. Plus, we’ve got to plant more flowers to save the bees. That’s another discussion for another day."

I'll take all the discussions, please.