Upcoming // Incoming

I haven't mentioned here yet that I'll be teaching a flower crown-making workshop at my friend's shop next Thursday. As of right now, there are two spots left!

Fort Orange General Store, a haven in this pretty little city of Albany, has been so refreshing to those of us who like nice stuff and want to support small businesses. I'm always excited to work with Caroline, whose eye is impeccable and whose manner is just super, super warm. This is going to be a really nice night. (With wine and snacks and hanging-out to boot.)

Flower crowns have been a fun thing to make. They are silly; they're completely unnecessary. They're vaguely immature and make 30-year-olds look like they should be hula-hooping at a festival in a belly T. Or like we should be driving a painted horse-drawn caravan across the Scottish countryside in 1967. Or straight ripping up a dining room in the Czech Republic.

But I'm kind of cool with all of those things, and moreover I like to do detailed work with my hands. I like to make something that I can hold up to the light, over and over, to evaluate. I like to get lost in making, in the Csikszentmihalyi way, and wake up with a flower crown on my head.

SO COME ON DOWN to FOGS and get your Flow on, if you feel like it. The class will fill, but we'll host more in the future. Let me know what you'd like to learn!