Flower Photos Ev'rywhere

Can I tell you that I'm sick of pictures of flowers?


I know it sounds awful, but all day I sit at a desk (or talk to people, or hang up signs or whatever but I'm definitely generally 99% of the time NOT playing with flowers) and I steal glimpses, every so often, of what's happening in the digitalfloral universe. And for awhile that info feeds me, but fairly quickly I'm full.



No more Pinterest no more Pinterest no more. I just want to make things. I want to take walks and find things and make things with them. I have a nostalgia for a time when life was like that, but I can't identify the time. I have a nostalgia FOR THE FUTURE.



But a couple of months ago, on a Sunday from the future, I met up with some wonderful friends and we played around with stuff. I = flower human. Mary Elise = style human. Laura Harris = photo human. And with those simple equations some gorgeous flower photos were born.


Even though I'm sick of flower photos, these ones are pretty alive. And there was this cat.

If you aren't sick of flowers on the internet, maybe you're sick of cats? Or maybe you have an infinite capacity for love.