Pop Up Stop

It has been a surprisingly fun-filled few weeks here in the messy laboratory of my life.

I bought a piece of land, I planted one million bulbs, I sold wreaths and books and knick knacks at my friends' future store, did a very classy wedding, taught a workshop, and finally sold more wreaths and tiny trees just yesterday at another sweet pop-up. 'Tis the busy business life: where the weekends are planned by the hour and the living room is a nest of vine and green and the coffee and wine flow like wine and coffee and you can't park in the driveway anymore because you'd have to shovel it and who has time for that.

But now I'm partaking in what I'm calling my Pop Up Stop. Until further notice (cough cough Valentine's), F.S. is gonna check in to a yoga ranch - no seriously, I am gonna do that for a minute. But metaphorically, I'm going dormant.

photo 3.JPG

Some plants are predictively dormant, meaning they go into their resting phase before adverse conditions affect their growth (or kill them). Others are consequentially dormant, which obvi has to do with consequences. I am both. I'm tired, and a bit of a mess, and grow increasingly disorganized. But it could also get much worse if I don't slow down. Ask my mom or my ex-boyfriend.

Dormancy is not for nothing - plants go dormant to conserve their energy. They, too, might be thinking of systems for next season. How will they chart their own progress? How will they manage the many bees reliant upon them, or keep a spreadsheet of expenses, or maybe try to fix that loud sound their truck makes?

So this doesn't mean that F.S. is going anywhere, besides the yoga ranch. I'll still be babbling here and making things for me (for me! imagine.) and in two months I'll be doing something involving the patron saint of lovers which will not involve a dozen roses dipped in sparkles (or will it?).

Do be in touch if you're getting married or throwing a good party in 2015, because I'm booking them now and want to make sure you're on the calendar if you want to be! But we'll let that season take its time in coming, too, okay?