I've just decided that it's a week for fandom on the FS instagram, mostly because I could not help but post two consecutive photos (that were really screenshots) of people I'm in some awe of.

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And it's also fangirl week because I really, really want to make sure that I tell all my available outlets, nerding out from the proverbial internet rooftops, to go watch this lecture from Tavi Gevinson, the editor-in-chief of Rookie Mag but also just an incredible brain living simultaneous to our own.

I watched it in bed. I did not anticipate that I'd have an hour of energy to give it, but in the end I could have listened to her speak all night. It helps that she looks increasingly like Michelle Williams, who is my goddess crush 4ever.

Tavi was a bebe when she became famous for her fashion sense. You can learn all about it very easily on the Google. What's interesting is that she's not that excited about fashion anymore, it would seem. She's excited about excitement. She's interested in what it is to be interested. And I'm the same. What is the feeling of being obsessive about, where does it come from, what's the Strange Magic that makes us process and digest and redigest art material or pop culture or crushes or our own material possessions until they become shrines? In this lecture Tavi talks about the impossibility of originality, the bliss of respect, and its transformative power.

"I just want to be happy," she says, "and being a fan can be the most happying thing you can be, because you feel connected to other people, and you realize these feelings pass through all of us, and they have for years and years and years, and you'll be okay."

And she says a lot of other amazing things. She fans out over Bjork and Virginia Woolf and Fiona Apple and the Breeders and a bunch of other points of light that are my own Strange Magic, too. So here's to a week of fangrrrling. It's like a Church of the Inspired. Join me if you want!