Winter is Coming

That phrase is just so wonderfully appropriate so often in this damn climate I live in (and love). And which climate you, too, must live in if you'd like to order a Flower Scout wreath.

If you'd like to order a Flower Scout wreath, it must be because it's precipitating outside right now, with the sky the color of Our Perpetual Dusk, a no-time time in between rain and snow and Thanksgiving and Solstice and wtf why. 

If you're there, in the zone with the desire for a wreath, it's probably because you have a door or a mantle or a wall or a loved one with a wall. That's all you need - the seasonal affective desire, a wall, and the motivation.

You might be spending more of your time inside, loving your space or realizing you need to give your space a little love.

So if these depressing characteristics do in fact characterize you, then let me know! Click here for a FS wreath order form, and take care - hot water, books, houseplants, a little red wine and soup with some friends, fleece-lined leggings... feel free to comment below with your winter-spirit hacks. We'll start a little wiki of anti-doom spells.

P.S. It's entirely plausible that you might want a wreath because you LOVE this time of year and you are so JOVIAL and decorating your beautiful home, and that is DOPE. I don't mean to dis-include you; I love you too.