Planning :

I'm not that good at it, in my personal life, but I'm getting pretty damn good at it in business.

If you're reading this, you may not be good at it either. Or maybe you're really good at it, but someone you know (ahem, love) might not be so stellar.

Here's the thing: Don't worry about it.


No matter who you love, I promise they like flowers. Flowers are simple, delicate and ephemeral. They're generally gorgeous, and unlike jewelry no one's gotta wear them around to prove their appreciation. And unlike sweets there's no guilt. And unlike a teddy bear and balloons they aren't the worst.


They're something to share that makes a normal space feel suddenly special. And there are a bunch of ways you can get your hands on them for Valentine's Day, for yourself (self-love being crucial), for your beloved, or for all your beloveds.

You can pre-order hand-tied bouquets from Fort Orange General Store in Albany or Nibble Doughnuts in Troy.

Or you can drop by and pick up a bouquet from The Grocery in Troy, or from Fort Orange or Nibble.

Flower Scout bouquets will also be a take-home part of the package at Peck's Arcade's prix fixe Valentine's Dinner, and part of the action at The Love Story, a theatrical masquerade ball at Takk House.

And to top and bottom it off, I'll be using all the stems, leaves, petals and other floral offal to create an installation at HeART Attack, an art show in North Troy on Valentine's evening.


It's a lot to do, and it's all good.