Flashback wednesday

My dear friend Carolyn is about to be married on Saturday. I've been growing paperwhites (and trying to slow them down), forcing flowering branches (and trying to speed them up), all while getting my seedling operation (which is rickety at best) started. Welcome to my living room. Beware the open bag of soil. There's a puzzle on the coffee table. Make yourself at home!

Getting ready for Carolyn's wedding has me thinking about how blessed I am to have found work I love doing that can contribute to this big-deal moment in the love-lives of people I love, in life. I get to be part of her process, hopefully a calming and nurturing and creative part, and I get to express, with flowers and muscles and hands and time, how much I care about her. She's the damn best.

And it also has me thinking about Carolyn's sister Christine's wedding, which happened this past July. It was WARM. There was grass to walk on, and flowers growing out in the garden. Christine and her amazing wife Lauryn were some of the first people to trust me enough to ask me to design their wedding flowers, and that trust made me feel SO wonderful. Despite all the signs of my beginner-ness, they were so supportive. When we met for our final run-through of design ideas and timing, I locked myself out of the apartment where I was staying. Without shoes, or a pen, or paper. I went into the bar across the street, barefoot, and begged a pen, and we had our meeting anyway, and the landlord's niece showed up with spare keys, and I think I'm just a lucky human.

Chrissy and Lauryn are an adorable, hilarious, effervescent, sweeeeet couple, and I love being around them. Here are some pics of last July; let's all remember what that was like, on this beautiful-ugly-beautiful winter-spring day.

I'll see these gorgeous faces, and many more from my childhood, at Saturday's wedding. Godspeed to my flowering branches, chill vibes to my paperwhites, mazel tov to my loved ones: see you on the dance floor.