to-do lists

They write themselves these days. There are specific sections for specific life parts (1. FS business, 2. the Garden, 3. Me.) numbers that change week to week, acronyms, dotted lines, solid lines... It's Wednesday and I've only checked one thing off this week! Wut?! And when I do something I'm pleased with myself for doing, like emptying the truck or sweeping the bedroom floor or buying myself a birthday present, and I didn't write it on the to-do list, and I don't get to [x] the little box beside it, there's a kind of let-down that is honestly just inappropriate.

But you have to have systems.

Last year I posted about my seedling system. This year I'm growing twice as many. Last year at this time, we were probably two weeks ahead of our present selves in terms of warmth, outdoor plant activity, seedling health, etc etc. Why? The universe, that's why. It feels like the snow is still out there, just waiting to lock us in again. [EDITOR'S NOTE: I walked to the garden in the middle of writing this, and guess what? It's f*cking snowing.]

This year I've had some damping off issues (sounds racy, but it's sad), and some generally straggly seedlings due to bad soil and mild early neglect. The early years are the most formative, they say.


But so many still plow forth their chlorophyllic arms toward the fluorescence above them, just as predicted, waiting for the real deal. I just wanted to write this post, really, to give you a list of their names. Like the presently-apt Summer Icicles euphorbia (which is the worst with the damping off), Sylphid celosia, 2 kinds of Black Knights: delphinium and scabiosa, Miss Jekyll Blue nigella, Black Peony poppy, Chocolate and Buttercream sunflowers (I must have been hungry?), Kiwi Blue cerinthe, Earl Grey larkspur and White Lace orlaya and more. They put their cotyledon leaves out first, as a baby disguise, and then quietly their true leaves start growing. It's just like my pup, Djuna, who's cotyledon face at the shelter was all, "I'm a really calm and peaceful fully-grown dog who can see into your soul and will assist you with your journey toward groundedness," but whose growing and responding true face says, "I am going to be the world's biggest and hairiest dog and I'm going to bite you a lot and generally own you." She's so cute.