How to help a business succeed

Let me just say that Flower Scout would not be here without you, whoever you are reading this thing.

It was just an idea, and then some experiments with flowers, then some photos and (always) some words. Like a little dividing cell, it grew from the nourishment given to it.

That part was in 2012, and in 2015 it runs to keep up with itself.

This week I start working half-time at my previously full-time job, in order to run fast enough for Flower Scout. There are more seeds to start, plant successions to think about, trash to pick out of the lot, poppy seeds to throw, a shed to build, a fence to build, and planning and muscles to flex.

FS is in an in-between phase that I guess every business must go through (if it responds organically to its community; if it starts with little $$), and I feel the coming growth spurt aching in my bones. Gotta feed this beast.

I hope you'll please consider voting for Flower Scout in the All Over Albany Startup Grant this week.

The funds we could win would help buy building materials, enabling that shed and a hoophouse (the dreamiest and most helpful thing), and would also get us water barrels and tools for volunteer groups to come help and learn in the garden.

All Over Albany is an amazing resource in this community. Ever since they started (shortly after I moved back here), they've highlighted interesting things that happen in the Capital Region, fed us all necessary news, asked important questions about things like food access, public transportation, and housing costs, and also been a venue for tiny businesses to be seen and heard. I'm so thankful that they're here.

Thank you all for your votes and thoughts! Come on out and play in the garden soon!