Packin up

I'm going on vacation today! Mid summer vacation what?! All the plants will dry up, the dahlias will pop and fade, groundhogs and sweet city kids will storm over the gardens like bored insatiable cutie-pie locusts and I'll return to rubble, but that's alright. Somewhere out there, there's the coast of Maine. Rocks and small aquatic organisms, rank smells and seaspray roses. The nose wants it, the eyes want it, the notebook wants it.

If you also want it, follow FS on instagram to see some probable vistas. And if you pass my garden, feel free to cut an amaranth or a rudbeckia, some centaurea, calendula, ageratum, dahlias, cosmos, larkspur... I mean, it's the height of the thing but I don't have a wedding for a week and a half so I'm OUT.