CROWDSOURCING NEXT STEPS (an accidental timeline)

I've lived in the same small river-zone for almost eight years, and I really didn't intend to. The city I live in, Troy, has been mine for about four years, and the city I lived in, Albany, was mine for four years before that. This Flower Scout project has been alive for three years, and I've been alive for thirty-one. and a half. This apple was one season old when I bit it, but it was too tart for woman or dog, so I threw it into the woods.


This summary is brought to you by the idea that within these landmark-phases there have been infinite intimate other-phases, ways of being and relationship waves, periods of activity and in-activity, downs and ups.

This summer has been one of the more up of my experience, and it's been magical and unhealthy. It's been magically unhealthy. Underneath the first smiling layer of my being is a quick, quick stress machine. Pop a quarter in and I'll bite your head right off. I called my mom the other day, after a sweet guy crashed gently into my little tank of a car in the downpouring rain, after I primal-scream-therapied in a parking lot from hunger and frustration, I called my wonderful mom and said "I definitely don't have enough flowers for this wedding," and she said, "you always say that."

I always say that, apparently.

THIS ISN'T WHAT THIS POST IS MEANT TO BE ABOUT. I got carried away. Ok, read on.

So, after finding myself in a place of busy life and quick temper, I've now drawn a fresh mark in the sands of the timeline. I've left my job - a damn fine job - because I need more time. This three-year-old business needs its seams let out, and I have no extra energy fabric. Lol, what a random metaphor.

I'm excited: Here stands a whole new expanse - the future - which will be different than the past.

(Let us remember: As that is true of this moment, so is it true of this one. And this one. And this.)


What I meant to do is ask you some questions regarding what you want.

Hey: What do you want? Fill out this survey for a chance to win (I really hate saying that but it works!) a free FS arrangement:

* This lil contest is over for now, but look for more to come in the future! *

If you did that, thank you. Thank you for reading all this nonsense and caring enough to contribute. Thank you for existing in the era of the online giveaways, with me. Thank you for the support that's gotten me to the ecstatic and perhaps delusional decision to work solely for Flower Scout. Are we crazy? 

{P.S. I meant to write about what it is to live in a changing city, but I'm finding it really hard. So prepare yourselves for that eventual word-dump, sometime in the wide open months to come.}