Chasing Waterfalls (no one tells me what not to do)

Nicole & Brett were married in January, at the Lucas Confectionery in Troy, NY. Their wedding was simple and beautiful: whites and greens, with pops of deep plum and berry. We'd conceived of a winter wonderland, but the weather was a bit balmier than expected. Seems like we're entering the warmest epoch on record, really. 

This wedding's piece de resistance, something I'd never imagined, nonetheless imagined constructing, was a baby's breath waterfall.

I met Nicole, got excited about her great ideas, and proposed this thing without any real plans for how to make it. 

That's quite a grand title for an imaginary object, right? 

So I developed a technique: Each strand was hand-sewn onto a long silk ribbon; each cluster was hot-glue-gunned onto each strand; each hot-glue application was applied with precision by my own wee fingers. It became quite lulling, actually. I consumed entire pots of coffee and a whole season of a good/bad sitcom (who wants to guess which one?) and walked a dog and took naps, and continuously, for three days, came back to the waterfall work station. 

And it kind of worked out.

Troy is so lucky to have Nicole and Brett, who really care about supporting local businesses and had such an easy and careful attitude about their wedding. Congratulations, you two! 

Przybo-Cald 0152 LR.jpg

Photography: Tom Wall

Location: the Lucas Confectionery