C S A 2 0 1 6

When Flower Scout started, back in the winter/spring of 2013, it was with one thing in mind. I hadn't yet realized that weddings existed, and I hadn't sold arrangements to any restaurants, etc. I just wanted to run a small CSA. So I did - it was a bit sloppy and casual; people showed up at my workplace when they wanted their bouquet, and I hand-wrote the newsletter and copied it (at work, as well ((sorry)). I never quite knew what would make it into the arrangements, or how long a cut flower would last - but I pulled it off. 


Most of you are probably familiar with the CSA format by now, or at least with one of its various permutations: You pay up front for an entire season of goods (produce, generally) and you wind up assuming some of the infinite variables that a farmer generally contends with. In a hot, dry year, you might get a glut of tomatoes, but very few greens. Or in a year with an early spring but a late frost, you'll net zero apples. You see what I mean. 

I am into it, for many reasons. CSAs hold claim over some of my fondest memories, to this day. They help people stay connected to land and to season, even if those people spend most of their time indoors. And they help farmers make it work - this front-loading of income at the beginning of the season helps fund improvements that increase yield during that same season. It's a beautiful thing.  

Alas, the last two summers at Flower Scout have been much too busy / the learning curve has been so steep / balancing job and life and FS has been too hard to pull off a regular weekly service. But this year, this year you can have a taste of my love for community support and for flowers, because this year I'm back to my roots: There will be a 2016 Flower Scout CSA. 

What's great about this format is that it allows me to make things of real, impermanent, perfect seasonal beauty for people who aren't getting married. It's no big deal, but it's a big deal. Everyone should have access to flowers, if they like them, and everyone's flowers should be grown without pesticides, in good working conditions, in support of all the good things we love and care about. Blah blah blah, but really.


FULL SUMMER SHARE   :   $185 (that's less than $14 per bouquet)

  • 14 weeks (June 23 through September 22)
  • includes 14 large bouquets + goodies
  • pick-up is weekly, on Thursdays, at the FS studio in Troy (details about that soon)
  • each weekly share includes a nifty newsletter
  • your season's share comes with invite to a v. special garden party, details TBD  



  • good for the calendar months of July, August, or September
  • one bouquet a week  + goodies / includes weekly newsletter
  • great for a gift or for the non-committal  

Here's to a plentiful season.