Valentine's Day 2017

It's coming. And as always, with me, you have multiple options.

But NO MATTER WHAT, this Valentine Day, 10% of all profits will be donated to Planned Parenthood. In these crazy times, as I'm sure you're aware, we better work damn hard to spread the love. 

Your local VDay options include:

1. Pre-order a bountiful, creative, hand-made arrangement by Saturday, February 11th. Choose pick-up or delivery. To order click here. You'll be sent an email with pick-up/delivery information.

2. On V-Day itself, stop by the Pop-Up Flower Shop at Superior Merchandise Company. We'll have a million flowers, and you can grab them in variously-sized doses: $10, $25, or $40 hand-tied arrangements to take home for yourself or your love(s). Bouquets will be available beginning at 11 am, and I'll be there myself from 5-9 pm. (Added bonus: Romantic Shakespeare readings will be happening on site from 7-9 pm as well.)

So, to review, choose #1 if you're a planner and choose #2 if you're not, or choose #1 if you're super busy and choose #2 if you just really love spontaneity/Shakespeare/coffee/beer.


1. You can make your own bouquet, at my February 11th workshop at Forage & Sundry. These workshops are always super fun, and bring together creative and talented people for a few hours of mindful making. More info here.

2. Purchase a carefully curated gift box from the local Upstate Crate Co., and add on a Flower Scout bouquet. They've got gifts for everyone, and everything is local. 

3. If you work at Regeneron, there'll be bouquets available in your cafeteria on V-Day proper. What could be easier?

Love is love is love, as they say. I'm privileged to purvey it, in my own weirdo way. Write me with any questions, ideas, exclamations: