C S A 2 0 1 7

First of all, HAPPY VERNAL EQUINOX! (sent with balloons)

Secondly, it's baaack! After edition 2.0 last summer, the 2017 Flower Scout CSA is ready for sign-ups. You can read below for my whole long-winded thought process, or you can click here to just go ahead and lock in 14 weeks of blossoms. 

So C-S-A stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which is an acronym that gets tossed around a lot, but when it comes down to it the CSA really a radical and politically-innovative business model. Its structure is an objection to consumer capitalism, and emphasizes intention & investment before consumption. You don't even know exactly what you'll get, but you're saying, "Hey, I think flowers are important. I think this small woman-owned business is important. And I think supporting local business and agriculture and creativity is important." Right?! 

I've been thinking a lot about how this ever-growing flower business can better mirror my ethics, and recently stumbled on some incredible writing/thinking about what a Feminine Economy might look like. Come by the studio and check out my "100 Ways to Make More Money" poster - you'll see what I mean. (Caveat: I think men can and do exhibit the "feminine" traits this theory is talking about, and maybe it should be called "Abundance Economy" or the "Playful Economy" or something. Just click the link to understand what I'm saying.)

The CSA is one way toward that mirroring. It's me and my little plot of land, experimenting with growing in an unpredictable climate (the months-long drought last year reduced my harvest, for example), bringing in what comes out of the ground, foraging for things from the train tracks and the edges of baseball fields and cemeteries (real life examples), and also bringing in the harvest from other local growers and farms where necessary. This year I'll be supplementing my garden's blooms with herbs and flowers from Collard City Growers, an amazing project in North Central Troy that grows food for the neighborhood around the Sanctuary for Independent Media. I'll also source some special items from my friends at Cedar Farm Wholesale, a duo of sisters who've been farming together on their beautiful land in Ghent for a very long time. 

And I'll get to sell it to you, sweet people. The vast majority of the work I do is for weddings, which challenge my creativity and allow me to make a lot of art for epic one-day celebrations, but I relish and appreciate the act of making a bouquet for a normal human person. Just one person, or a family, who will put that bouquet on their kitchen table and look at it and talk about it and recognize more types of flowers in their neighborhood from now on. The CSA is about being connected, about educating, about slowing down and having a conversation instead of just a transaction. I hope you'll join me, if you can. Here's what you'll get:

  • Flowers for 14 weeks (June 22 through September 21)
  • Weekly pick-up hang-out, on Thursdays, at the Flower Scout studio
  • A reminder email on Wednesdays so you don't forget
  • 14 nifty newsletters, with garden updates, musings, and a list of the flowers in your share
  • Invitation to a very special garden party in the Flower Scout garden lot
  • Various semi-planned surprise goodies, which in 2016 included homemade elderflower spritzers, a playlist, hand-collected poppy seeds, and cider donuts

So click here to sign up, if you want to, and send any queries, ideas, inspirations and puppy vids to me at Colie@flower-scout.com. See you in June! xo