My good friend recently had a baby. She carried it around with her for nine+ months, eating special foods, doing special pregnant-people yogas, thinking special thoughts, then waited and waited expectantly/fearfully/impatiently, waited and waited while we all texted her saying, "now?! now?!" and she responded, "not yet." 

She labored for 40 hours in her beautiful house, nearly two rotations of the earth and through all parts of the day, in a tub of warm water and in special poses and while sleeping or trying to sleep, and now there is a baby here. Tiny being with funny faces, getting less fragile and terrifying all the time, displaying her stubborn beautiful interested nature a little more every day, total perfect jewel baby who cries like a screaming eagle and turns all splotchy and who none of us know anything about.

If you can believe it, once upon a time, that baby was you. And the person staring at you while you ate, the person working hardest to figure out why you were crying, the person whose entire life was rerouted and refocused and removed from her control - that was your mom. I would bet real money that no one in the world has spent more time thinking about you than your mom. 

Oh, and Sunday, May 14th is Mothers' Day. 


You can buy a Flower Scout hand-tied bouquet for your mom by clicking here, with options for delivery or pick-up. Each bouquet will also come with a card designed by my friend and beautiful mom-in-waiting Caroline Corrigan. You can see her work here and all over the place, really. 

It's important for me to say that your mom might not be your biological mom, and she might not be a she, and they might not be just one person, and you might even be your own mom. The amazing thing of it is, if you're alive to read this, some tremendous amount of living energies conspired to birth you and keep you here. I've been holding this little friend-baby lately, and let me tell you, it is not ready to be a person yet. It's a hot mess. It needs us. And someday, I hope it thanks us. Let's conspire to make a better world for it to thank us in, okay?