It's National CSA Day

. . . and also National Toast Day, a day I celebrate every single morning. Today's was particularly special: Chewy, rich whole wheat doused in my second-favorite butter, then secondarily, sedimentarily layered with unsweetened peach jam I made during summertime, eaten while seated in a chair newly placed in a previously-forgotten window nook, with the radiator as plate-and-mug-warmer, while reading Henry James and trying not to pick up my phone, which is full of alerts about indictments.

Didn't you want to know all that? If you did, I've written a small essay about toast you might also enjoy. Backchannel me to get at it. 


But CSA DAY is a different, more social thing altogether. I did a pretty fair job of writing about it last year (click here for that) and had an incredible time making it happen, too: Last year's Flower Scout CSA was plentiful and lively, with 25 members and profusions of sunflowers, poppies, zinnias, basil, bachelors buttons, dill, salvias, sweet peas, forget-me-nots, yarrow, tansy, and eventually dahlias, to name just a few of the many and various plantlives, in no particular order. Every Thursday afternoon, members came through the studio, on foot, with pups, on bikes, in cars, with friends and/or babies, and collected their bouquets (and sometimes other treats). It was often the most social part of my week, and my favorite. 

Read on for more of my rambling, or click here if you'd just like to purchase a share. 
But be warned: CSA newsletters are full of this rambling.


I've said it many times, and will say it again, I LOVE ARRANGING FLOWERS FOR NORMAL PEOPLE. By "normal," I mean: people with the time and attention to notice a vase of flowers, and each flower individually, as they live their everyday lives (AKA not people in the middle of their own weddings, who I also love but who have, appropriately, neither time nor attention for such things). CSA bouquets get placed on kitchen tables or bedside shelves; they get brought on lakeside vacations; people gaze at them while they eat toast. (At least that's what I like to do.)

When you purchase an FS CSA, you are doing the noble work of supporting the Flower Scout garden project, ensuring that regardless of heretofore unimagined climatic disturbances it will have the capital and energy required to produce blooms in an organic, hand-tilled, experimental, poetic way. I say experimental/poetic because, despite many years of farming and gardening, and three years in this particular soil, I still learn something new every single time I step foot in there.


This year, I'm welcoming CSA members into the garden anytime, as a place of refuge n' chill. We'll have TWO GARDEN PARTIES, which is 100% more than previous years, so that members can familiarize themselves with the location of the garden and avail themselves of its relative peace anytime they like. (Feel free to pull some weeds or just walk around sniffing things, or to take a seat and do some meditating, or to find a spot of ground to stretch on ((There isn't too much open ground, but if you're little this could be great. It's also peaceful in a particular way, with lots of city noises always humming just beyond the fence.).) 

I always write too much when I do this. Here's the list of what you'll receive, in exchange for your incredible gift of trust and time:

  • Flowers for 14 weeks (June 21st FIRST DAY OF SUMMER HOORAY through September 20th)
  • Weekly pick-up/hangout time, on Thursdays, at the Flower Scout studio
  • A reminder email on Wednesdays, lest ye forget
  • 14 nifty newsletters, with garden updates, musings, ramblings, and a list of the flowers in your share
  • Invitation to TWO very special garden parties in the Flower Scout garden
  • Various semi-planned surprise goodies, which have previously included homemade elderflower spritzers, a playlist, hand-collected poppy seeds, and cider donuts!

If you've gotten this far, THANK YOU. I plan to write a lot more in this space, effective now. And if you're interested in purchasing a share, click here. And if you think that people you know would be interested, please share this post! We're so lucky to live in an age of CSAs. I'm going to go sign up for my veggie one RIGHT NOW.