Yiyi Mendoza / Flower Scout Collaboration Arrangement

Yiyi Mendoza / Flower Scout Collaboration Arrangement


When I met ceramicist Yiyi Mendoza a few years ago, I knew I’d found a like-minded spirit. Yiyi’s approach to ceramics is informed by an incredible style sense, by a spiritual connection to the materials at hand, and by her own cultural history. We’ve been talking about collaborating since day one, and hooray; it’s finally happening.

Each order includes a one-of-a-kind Yiyi vase, filled with Flower Scout blooms (grown locally when the season permits). These pieces are really special gifts for yourself or someone you love: a particular representation of the local moment, in both the natural world and in the social, cultural world of the upper Hudson Valley. No two vessels are alike.

Each arrangement will be delivered (and are also available for scheduled pick-ups) boxed with special tissue paper and a card unique to this project, with a message of your choosing. Please send any questions our way at colie@flower-scout.com

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